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Stephen S., The Villages, Florida:
"I'm sure there's been a time in your life, when you felt like you could really use some guidance, support, or just a shoulder to lean on.  The Angels provided that to me, in the form of Dee.  Simply put, she came to me at the right time in my life.

I began my relationship with Dee with the thought in mind that I would just get some help with meditation.  She not only helped me with that, but also helped guide me to becoming a more spiritual person.  I am more at peace today, because I have experienced her guidance and love.

So, if you're in need of a life coach, Dee will be there for you, well after you've thought you had "arrived."



Crystal T., Athens, GA:

Dee is a wise and compassionate spirit with a natural talent for helping others achieve their best potential. Her ability to listen without judgement and her genuine concern for her clients make her a trustworthy mentor and friend. She is also an innately calming presence. My meditation sessions with her calmed my racing mind and allowed me to relax, be present and connect with my authentic self. 



Barbara B., Wendlingen, Germany (

Schon lange bevor ich meine eigene Praxis für Transformationsmassagen eröffnete, hatten wir in diesem Raum Meditationsabende mit Doris. Wir machten keine Werbung, es sprach sich herum und nicht wenige Frauen fanden ihren Weg hierher. Jede Meditationssession mit Doris, war tiefgehend, für jede von uns sehr persönlich und danach waren wir alle von einer tiefen Ruhe erfüllt. Wir konnten bei ihr auftanken, sie bot uns neue Wege an, Dinge zu sehen und alles war von einer großen Tiefe erfüllt. Ich denke heute noch gerne daran zurück, jetzt, wo Dee schon ein paar Jahre in Amerika lebt. Ich glaube für uns alle sprechen zu können, wenn ich sage, jede einzelne von uns konnte an diesen Abenden viel für sich persönlich mitnehmen.

I’ve had sessions with Dee on life coaching as well as tarot card readings.


Client didn't want the name revealed

Most importantly to me, Dee is offering a different perspective to a situation. All of a sudden huge problems become bite-size challenges that I am happy to face and conquer. I achieve results each step of the way and feel ‘impowered’ and ‘innergized'. Positivity, calmness and a peaceful conversation helps me to let go of stress related to challenges that I thought were overwhelming. Challenges become manageable and I understand better why certain challenges arise and why patterns return and what can be done to stop them from reoccuring. To sum it up, I am always in a better place after a conversation with Dee.

Patricia K., GA

I’m hosting a meditation guided by Dee once a month for my friends and me. Dee has been guiding meditations at my home in the woodlands for over two years. The experience is always different, but the outcome is always the same. I am so full of excitement and calm happiness afterwards, that I do not want to go to sleep. She is the best! I am so grateful. Lucky me!

P.K., Braselton, GA

I came to a few guided meditations and thought you were wonderful

Thank you!








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