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A healthy mind lives in a healthy body ... and a healthy mind creates a healthy body

Life Coaching focuses on helping you to improve your life quality through a holistic approach

Anxiety or being stuck in certain situations are just some of the issues we are addressing with our clients. We can help you walk towards a better you. We walk by your side until you can manage to go on your own again. We can offer you tools to make better decisions and find peace of mind. 


We are a team of coaches and will find, with different backgrounds and experiences. We have many years of experience in the corporate world, health and fitness fiels and restaurant and travel industry. Your happiness is our mission.


Zoe Rivers, founder and principal of Life Circuit is one of our collaboration partners. 

What customers are raving about....

The Life Circuit Assessment!


The transition into a healthier lifestyle often bears numerous challenges to conquer. While the incorporation of physical activity and nutrition are part of it, Life Circuit also provides clients with strategies to make every acchievement part of a long-lasting, successful journey.

For more information or to sign up for the Life Circuit Assessment, contact Zoe now!

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