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Meditating gives me peace of mind - and this is what I will share with you when guiding a meditation. Meditating should be a part in every day. It supports us throughout the day and helps us making good decisions. It is a foundation on a personal journey. 

Life coaching - "Nothing is particularly hard when you divide into small jobs" (H. Ford) Together with my clients we co-develop a suitable plan and strategy to get to a better place. I usually recommend seven steps for an effective problem-solving process.


Born and raised in Germany, I worked in the European and US corporate world for more than 30 years. I also traveled the globe on my own journey toward personal enlightenment. It was during a trip to India when I realized that I need to include meditation in my life not only as a practitioner but as a teacher as well. I studied meditation in India and was also certified to coach BrainGym 101, developed by BrainGym International in California. 


Part of my journey focused on finding answers to serious health issues that plagued me for 50 years. At one point I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease and was given a life expectancy of roughly five more years. By changing my diet, today I am a healthy mother of three daughters and three granddaughters. If you are interested to learn more about my experience, I documented my remarkable story in the book "I'm in Charge of My Health - Every Body is Different - Adapt to Accommodate Yours!" published and available on Amazon Kindle. 

I'm also a certified BrainGym 101 coach. Fun excersizing to support your talents to the best of your abilities. I sometimes included this in my workshops and meditations sessions. Ask me, if you're interested to learn more.

Please contact me if you are interested to Joining me for a compassionate meditation

session, finding peace and innergize - and being you.


Certified "innergized" Personal Coach,

Look Beyond Institute, New Delhi, India

Doris "Dee" Johnson

Published Author and Certified Meditation Coach, 

Life Coach to create positive habits (stress management)



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