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Free your mind and find your keys to peace

We offer guided meditation and coaching sessions in English and German

Stress is part of life and too much stress can adversely affect nearly every aspect of your health.


Meditation promotes relief from the harmful effects of stress.


Dee’s meditation is based on compassion. Her sessions include Kriya and Transcendental Meditation techniques often mixed with BrainGym 101 movements (basic movements we all naturally performed early in life that can help to improve memory and concentration).

Meditation sessions include a head-to-toe body relaxation during a quiet time with positive affirmations of calm and caring words. BrainGym includes simple movements such as drinking water and performing cross body exercises. Dee found that combining meditation and BrainGym helps to bring your body and mind into balance. Reminders spoken during class help you to recall those sensations at home. 

Guided meditation sessions are available at TheKeysToPeace Meditation Center in Atlanta, in the comfort of your own home, via Skype or phone.


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